Friday, September 5, 2008

One hand Yo-ing

Their is a lot of nervous energy being wasted in the world. Twiddling thumbs, tapping toes and cracking knuckles are examples. To capitalize on that wasted motion ( work ), I suggest spring technology. Springs used to power clocks and children's toys around the world, wind them up, and watch them work.

Start with a small hand-held device that looks much like a yo-yo ( another example of work wasted ), but containing a clock spring. By twisting the two halves in opposite directions, the nervous would wind the spring. A small radial spindle could be connected to a larger spring ( kept locally, perhaps in the closet ). Tension stored in the yo-collector could be transferred to the larger spring, and that Tension Repossitory could unload' their energy to a community collection point ( near the recycle center would be convenient ).

Once a week, a large truck could make it's rounds ( like the trash pick-up ), collecting a community's nervous energy and transporting it to a power generator station..

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Bob Couchenour said...

Why is it that I can not help but think that you are correct in this is what "we" - the civilized - have been reduced too. Relatively educated nervous energy producers. No real viable outlets for creativity or real productivity. Do your job - stay in line - keep your mouth shut - and do as your told. Unless of course you want to find yourself with more time to waste on your hands. Someplace along the way - I think we missed the point.

Anybody got an extra Yo Yo? I inadvertently threw mine away in an impulsive act of frustration. But I have control now. And I can assure you it will not happen again - NOT.