Sunday, August 31, 2008

Police Raid of Peace Protestors

While the nation watches the Hurricane Gustov approach the Gulf Coast, the Republican Party is holding it's Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. John McCain announced the delay of the start of the Convention, and I'm wondering if the reasons aren't a bit more political than humanitarian.

I don't think the GOP wants the nation watching split-screen news-casts that present the Convention on one side, and FEMA's efforts to deal with this potential disaster on the other. Never the less, dissidents are gathering in St. Paul, and the Authorities are engaging in their own emergency response efforts.

Municipal, State and Federal Police have arrested dozens of potential protesters pre-emptively on 'conspiracy to riot' charges. I haven't heard of this charge since 'The Chicago Seven Trial', forty years ago. Neither has their lawyers.

Authorities seized some personal property, mostly lap-tops and other electronics. Several legitimate news-agencies have also had their equipment confiscated. I suspect authorities don't want 'little brother' watching when they exercise their 'Homeland Defense Strategy'

This is not a good day for civil liberties in America.

This is a video interview with the attorney that represents several of those arrested.

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