Saturday, February 14, 2009

Testing Twickie for Twitter Responses

I've been spending some time at Twitter and find it very addictive. Beyond the social aspects of micro-blogging ( 140 characters or less in a post ), Twitter is breaking ground in a whole new field of information dissemination.

This morning Chris Pirillo tweeted a link to Twickie, a service that allows users to extract conversations ( and more ) from their Twitter thread and post that converstation on their blog or just about anywhere that accepts html.

This is a marvelous discovery for me. I'm going to be checking this out all weekend. I don't have very many responses to my tweets, as I don't actually 'tweet' very often but I do follow some of the more gregarious members as they can be a goldmine of information ( especially the geeks, they love to share tips and tricks about tech stuff )

I've pasted a short conversation below as an example.
Wallace_Reid: @davkal I use twitter mostly to follow breaking news. The Mumbai assault on twitter was an eye-opener. Save feed to Google Reader..reference
about 35 minutes ago
davkal: @Wallace_Reid ,,i use it a lot for news to but also for keeping up with Multiply friends - an a few others
about 27 minutes ago
Wallace_Reid: @davkal I'm checking out twickie (by Chris Pirillo) it saves replies Using this thread for test RSVP would be appreciated thanks
about 11 minutes ago
davkal: @Wallace_Reid ,, i havent seen that one,, guess there are a lot of diff apps for Twitter - or is that what twickie is
about 5 minutes ago
Wallace_Reid: @davkal this is the link to instructions Thanks for helping, will post results at Multiply shortly
27 seconds ago

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