Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why are Palestinians Still Launching Rockets Over the Heads of Their Attackers?

As a tactic, shooting over the heads of your most immediate threat doesn't usually win battles. I understand that their are major political, social and even religious issues and strategies involved with the conflict in Gaza, there has been from the beginning. But I have to say something, even if only one person over there hears me;

"Lower your sights!"

Can those rockets be fired horizontally? I understand that rockets have a lot of back-blast when they are launched, maybe they could be fired from an open field or a large parking lot where no-one would get accidentally burned. To be perfectly honest, I've seen quite a few rockets launched ( it was years ago, but I don't think the basics have changed much ), and they really weren't designed with urban combat in mind. So I have to ask;

"When you built those rockets, did you put a sight on them?"

Not to say that weapons without sights can't be accurate, I've seen knee-mortars that are pretty effective. But knee-mortars don't leave smoke trails that give your position away. Let me try to explain this in very simple terms;

"Shooting over your enemy's head, and telling him where you are forces your enemy to decide whether to kill you along with all those standing around you...your buddies."

Knowing your enemy's reputation on the battle-field, I wouldn't give him that option.

Imagine this message to be a real conversation, and ask yourself if it sounds a little childish. That's intentional... 

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