Friday, July 4, 2008

The Thin Edge, of the Wedge.

Last spring I began to read blogs from behind the wall of censorship that covered the face of Armenia. Unzipped was one of the few that formed a thin edge of a wedge that split that wall.

As the Armenian post-election saga developed, I was forced to learn new skills to keep up with history. And, I discovered new tools that have greatly influenced my own blogging efforts. I'm also learning ( daily ) about people I would never had known existed ( that's the best part of the inter-net, meeting people ).

2564677729_1a2d17cfcd_m ( barcamp ) When I read Azerbaijan: Blogs, BarCamps & Social Networks on the Oneworld Mutimedia Blog I began to search for better tools to share what I was reading. The more I searched, the more I found at Google. I wonder if Blogspot and Google are available in Georgia? I'm sure it is in Armenia.

My Google rss reader provided the means to share all the feeds I've been enjoying, and several gadgets that add much to this page ( I really like the custom rss gadgets on my left rail, you can build your own, just click on 'gadgets' at the bottom of the reader. )

'Blogworld' is the tag I use share posts from different sources, about a movement in countries that are learning, and building their blogging skills. Take a look at the face of the future, the youth of today...

Photo by; onewmphoto

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